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Workplace Grief & Bereavement Support

Establishing grief and bereavement support in the workplace is crucial for fostering a supportive community and evolving workforce.

Grief is a universal human experience that extends beyond the loss of a loved one. Daily, we encounter various forms of grief, from transitions, changes, or challenges. These experiences can profoundly impact individuals both personally and professionally. It is crucial to acknowledge that employees may navigate this spectrum at different times, impacting their well-being and productivity. In Madeline's role as a death companion, she is well-positioned to share resources and lead meaningful discussions that can help improve resilience and productivity.

Madeline is available to facilitate any of the below offerings for your workplace at the rate of $100/hour with a free, 30-minute discovery session to assess needs and fit.

Grief Support Group

A grief support group within the workplace can serve as a cornerstone for emotional support and coping strategies, and research shows it can significantly benefit participants' mental health and job performance.


Objective: Create a safe and supportive space for employees dealing with various forms of grief.

Format: Recurring meetings (Ex. Monthly, 1-hour meetings during work hours) to encourage open dialogue, sharing, and coping strategies. This group is not professional therapy or counselling; it's a peer support group. While participants can offer empathy, understanding, and encouragement to one another, seeking professional help if needed is encouraged.

Logistics: Can accommodate both in-house and remote workers through in-person and/or virtual meetings, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Bereavement Policy Consultation


Bereavement policies that acknowledge the diverse nature of modern families and the deep emotional connections individuals may have with friends and pets, recognizing that their loss can be just as impactful as that of a family member, are necessary changes in today's workplaces. These inclusive and equitable revisions also understand that the grieving process is unique for each individual, sometimes requiring more than the conventional three days to cope with the emotional challenges associated with loss and manage any logistics of the death. Providing this benefit demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and creates a more empathetic and compassionate work environment.

Company-Wide Sessions and Shared Resources


Encourage community and mutual support through company-wide sessions, shared resources, and easily accessible grief-related resources.

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