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Madeline Christie's passions include pet loss companioning, natural burial, home funerals, ritual and ceremony, and thanabotany, but her curiosity and quest for learning are never-ending.

Daisy Deathcare

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In addition to 500+ hours of various end-of-life-based courses, workshops, and hands-on experience, she is a graduate of the End of Life Doula course at Douglas College and the Death Companioning, Thanabotany, and Writing courses at the School of American Thanatology.


She splits her time between Deathwork and project management at Harmonic Arts, a small plant medicine company.


Madeline respectfully acknowledges that she lives on the Unceded Traditional Territory of the K’ómoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of this land. She is grateful for the privilege of participating in the stewardship of local land and waters.


What is a Death Companion? Popularized and defined by Cole Imperi here.

Death Positive - "People who are death positive believe that it is not morbid or taboo to speak openly about death. They see honest conversations about death & dying as the cornerstone of a healthy society." ~ The Order of the Good Death

A Pet Loss Companion can help plan and prepare for losing a beloved pet. They know available options and can assist or create beautiful ceremonies for all stages of pet loss. They can provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support leading up to, during, and after the death.

Ritual and Ceremony as defined by Be Ceremonial ("the world's first ceremony creation platform, empowering you to choose your own rituals and create a ceremony that tells your unique story.")

Green or Natural Burial - Watch "A Beginner's Guide to Green Burial & More"

Home Funeral - Find everything you need to know on CINDEA (Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives)

Thanabotany - Emerging field pioneered and defined by Cole Imperi here. Plant specimens in this field of research are referred to as thanabotanical.

Deathwork/Deathworker - Terms created and defined by Cole Imperi here.


Valued Partnerships

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